Web Trader

Web Trader is a terminal through which you can trade on Forex and other financial markets. The main difference between the web terminal and other trading platforms is that it does not require downloading and installing software on a personal or tablet computer. 

At the moment, almost every currency broker has its web terminal. This increases opportunities for traders because, through Web Trader, they have full-featured access to trading from anywhere in the world. 

You need to open a browser, dial the appropriate address, enter the login/ password, and start trading. 

The Web Trader trading platform is advantageous for traders who want to get direct access to the market from a simple web page.

Here is a list of these benefits:

  1. No download or download required
  2. No installation required – Web Trader is ready to work right in the browser, no additional tools are required
  3. Web Trader launches in seconds
  4. Simple and quick connection
  5. Full compatibility with PC and MAC – no matter what operating system you plan to trade with now
  6. The ability to trade from any computer anywhere in the world
  7. Secure trading every time you connect
  8. Regularly updated and improved – we do our best to improve your trading experience.


Some of its features include:

  • Forex trading, CFDs on commodities, stocks, stock indices, cryptocurrencies, bonds, etc.
  • One-click trading and 9 different timeframes
  • Use indicators and graphical analysis tools such as Ichimoku and Fibonacci
  • No commission or hidden fees 
  • 90% of orders are executed within 90 milliseconds
  • No requotes
  • No restrictions on trading style or Forex and CFD strategies
  • High Liquidity Trading Software

Meta trader 4 Web Trader

The most popular version of Web Trader is, of course, Web Trader Meta Trader 4. This completely free and reliable interface still allows many traders to get direct access to CFD and Forex markets.

This is the best way to start trading!

Web Trader MT4 remains the trading platform used by MT4 traders who installed Meta Trader 4 on their computers.

You are probably wondering why!

The answer is simple: when you are traveling, or the trader does not have direct access to his/her computer, he/she can connect from any computer to open or close positions.

Meta trader 5 Web Trader

Web Trader has long existed in version 4 of Meta Trader, but recently, Meta Trader 5 is also available on the Web Trader portal.

The interface is fully compatible with the existing trading account in the installation version of Meta Trader.

Technical Analysis of Web trader MT5

As part of its functions, Web Trader offers all the technical analysis tools necessary for a complete and professional analysis.

This free platform contains the necessary tools, for example:

  • Trend lines and support and resistance lines.
  • Channels
  • Gunn tools
  • Fibonacci Tools
  • Elliott waves, including, of course, pulse waves and correction waves.


Online trading with Web Trader is the way many specific Forex traders go. This is not surprising given all its advantages.

Even traders with installed trading platforms Meta Trader 4 and 5 are tempted by the advantages of simple and convenient access to the Internet and the installed version, which has other significant benefits. Click Here

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