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Hip-Hop Star Soulja Boy Examines Crypto, Considers Creating His Own NFT Collectibles


On January 19, the American hip-hop star and rapper DeAndre Cortez Way, otherwise known as “Soulja Boy,” asked his 5.2 million Twitter followers to tell him the best way to purchase crypto. Following the initial tweet, Soulja Boy continued to discuss cryptocurrencies for the rest of the day, and also asked people’s opinions about the rapper creating his own crypto.

Another hip-hop artist is joining the cryptocurrency bandwagon after numerous rappers and musicians have been flocking toward the decentralized economy. DeAndre Cortez Way, known by his stage name “Soulja Boy,” discussed cryptocurrencies on Tuesday with his 5.2 million social media followers. Soulja Boy is best known for his track “Crank That,” a track that hit the number 1 Billboard spot in 2007. The song was also self-published on the internet beforehand and Soulja Boy got a lot of notoriety for the method of release.

On Tuesday, Soulja Boy tweeted about cryptocurrencies to his followers seemingly looking for an avenue to purchase. “What’s the best way to buy Crypto? Robinhood? Coinbase?” the rapper asked his fans. Of course, a number of cryptocurrency proponents shilled their favorite exchanges during the Twitter conversation.

Following the tweet, a number of exchanges responded to Soulja Boy’s question as well and recommended that he use their trading platforms. The hip-hop star re-tweeted many of these recommendations from crypto firms like Binance U.S., Etoro,, Cash App, Voyager, Okcoin, and others. “Just want to make sure I’m using the best platform while I’m in investing mode,” Soulja Boy added. Following the succession of crypto-related tweets, Soulja Boy then asked his fans about creating his own cryptocurrency. The rapper asked:

Thoughts on me creating my own crypto?

Of course, a number of people said it was a bad idea, while other digital currency supporters told Soulja Boy he should do it. One BCH supporter recommended that Soulja Boy leverage in order to create a Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) token built on top of Bitcoin Cash.

A few other people warned the rapper that he shouldn’t create his own coin due to the recent U.S. regulatory crackdown on initial coin offerings (ICOs) and unregistered securities lawsuits. “Don’t do it,” Neeraj K. Agrawal from the organization Coincenter tweeted. “You will get in trouble,” he added.

Moreover, other digital currency fans recommended that Soulja Boy should create a non-fungible token (NFT) series. Soulja, if you really wanna do something cool and not shallow or potentially drawing the attention of the SEC, drop some unique NFTs,” one user responded to the rapper’s question about starting his own crypto.

“Wow,” Soulja Boy responded. “That actually looks dope, anyone can assist me with this? I would like to release something as well.”

What do you think about Soulja Boy’s recent discussions on Twitter about crypto and NFTs? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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