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Terra founder Do Kwon says he’s ‘making zero effort to hide’


Law enforcement are looking for Do Kwon, who is allegedly no longer in Singapore.

Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon has once again stated he is not hiding from authorities – this time after South Korea prosecutors reportedly revealed an Interpol ‘Red Notice’ was out for the embattled Korean national.

But even as South Korea police says Kwon is on the run, he has come out to deny these reports – albeit from the comfort of only appearing on Twitter.

Kwon claims ‘zero effort to hide’

It’s several months since the cryptocurrency Terra Luna and stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) fell to zero to mark one of crypto’s biggest negative events of 2022. 

The contagion that followed to leave projects like crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital ‘dead’ and crypto lenders Celsius Network and Voyager Digital bankrupt only heightened the impact to crypto investors and helped add to the sharp regulatory attention on the industry.

Do Kwon sort of decided to lie low, even if to resurface recently and refute claims that he was running from law enforcement.

On Monday, he again tweeted about his being around without wanting to reveal where he was. In a reply to one tweet on where he might be as law enforcement looks for him, he said he “was making zero effort to hide.” 

In fact, he goes on walks or to malls and wondered why no one from crypto twitter hadn’t run into him.

Yeah as i said im making zero effort to hide

I go on walks and malls, no way none of CT hasnt run into me the past couple weeks

— Do Kwon 🌕 (@stablekwon) September 26, 2022

He also appeared to downplay the Interpol arrest warrant reports, noting that he had tried searching for the Red Notice in his name but could not find it on the Interpol website.

For something that has notice in the name it sure gives no notice

Tried to search it here, found nothing:

— Do Kwon 🌕 (@stablekwon) September 26, 2022

A Twitter user pointed out that by trying to show that there was no ‘notice’ Kwon was being arrogant, the Terraform Labs founder responded:

I am literally just conveying the results of a publicly available internet search query. Not sure what part of that conveys arrogance.”

He, however, has been made aware that not all wanted persons names are listed on the Interpol website.


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