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ZEBEDEE Introduces Instant Global Payments Using The Bitcoin Lightning Network


Along with the ability to earn bitcoin, users will now be able to easily and instantly transfer their bitcoin across jurisdictions.

Users in the U.S., UK and EU can now instantly send money using the ZEBEDEE platform to the Philippines and Brazil, thanks to leading partnerships with, and Bipa respectively. Based on the open Lightning Network, ZEBEDEE users can send and receive funds from any Lightning wallet or service. With this new announcement, ZEBEDEE accounts will be able to connect directly to the platforms of the announced partners, “similarly to open-banking standards where users connect a bank account once and can seamlessly move money to and from the account.”

“For example, a user in Brazil can earn Bitcoin playing a game like Solitaire, then instantly transfer that money to Bipa and exchange it for Brazilian reais,” the press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine describes, showcasing the effective interoperability that Bitcoin provides.

André Neves, CTO and Co-Founder of ZEBEDEE, described how this is a necessary step for the growth of the company, as well as Bitcoin, saying “In order for Bitcoin to take its place as the native money of the Internet, which really means the main form of money for the modern age, we have to make it so intuitive and simple to use for the average person that it ceases to be about Bitcoin, it’s just global money. Our new feature provides a major step in that direction, as it gives our users the ability to select high-quality global providers with the push of a button and start sending instant transactions across the world in seconds.”

“We are thrilled to be a launch partner of ZEBEDEE for this new feature for borderless transactions, as it aligns perfectly with our vision for financial inclusion of the Philippines,” Ethan Rose, CEO of said. “The Lightning Network is without a doubt the best tool for the job and, together with ZEBEDEE, we can continue pushing this technology forward to let our customers move funds between their bank accounts and any Lightning wallet in the world more seamlessly than ever.”

Luiz Parreira, CEO and Co-Founder of Bipa, reiterated these points, stating that “The remarkably simple new user experience created by ZEBEDEE is a powerful move towards broadening our reach to more users in Brazil.”

The new features bring ZEBEDEE beyond the realm of simply earning bitcoin, and are a reminder of the incredible innovation still yet to come on top of Bitcoin.

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