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Cross-Chain Protocol Axelar to Develop Web3 Services With Microsoft Azure


Cross-chain protocol Axelar plans to build a blockchain-based tool that will allow businesses and users to easily connect with decentralized applications (dapps) across Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, the firms told CoinDesk.

The current market offers limited options for developers and organizations who want to enable one-click user interoperability across multiple blockchain ecosystems, an Axelar representative said in a Telegram message.

Once implemented, developers will be able to use Azure to access to an Axelar-based blockchain tool that connects dapps to networks, services and developer tools via the AxelarJS software library. That will allow them to automate multichain deployments for Web3 products, and the Axelar General Message Passing (GMP), which enables developers to integrate applications independent of blockchains or databases that host them.

Axelar said further plans with Microsoft include connecting private and public blockchains that use OpenAI services to create Web3 products.

Axelar’s AXL tokens traded at 35 cents in European morning hours on Tuesday.

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