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Blockchain Salaries in China Are Exploding in Value As The Industry Expands


Chinese recruiting platforms revealed a significant rise in wages paid for blockchain-related job roles in the country.

The latest figures from Chinese recruiting platforms show that blockchain-related salaries are on the rise across China. This is likely due to high demand for specialists in the sector.

According to Chainnews, quoting statistics from Zhaopin, “hundreds” of companies in China have been hiring staff for blockchain-related jobs. Monthly salaries start at $2,865 on average. This figure has skyrocketed from an average of $1,230 last year.

Higher salaries are being offered to candidates who have more than three years of experience in the blockchain space. For people fitting this criteria, the average salary is set at $7,000 per month.

Big tech companies betting on blockchain

Tech companies have even begun to provide educational resources to employees in order to help them understand the complexities of the technology.

Back in May, a statement issued by China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, or MOHRSS, officially recognized blockchain-focused professions, like tech developers, engineers, and analysts.

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