Get More Bang for your Bitcoin with these Bitcoin Casino Favorites


Thinking about trying your luck with a bit of bitcoin? Join thousands of other players in some of the most exciting bitcoin gambling games on the net.

Bitcoin gambling is more than just a super fun way to earn some extra BTC. These sites are dedicated to the foundational nature of bitcoin- keeping you safe, while keeping you occupied. Bitcoin Casinos have taken off in recent years, as more people become familiar with all the incredible perks that owning some satoshi’s offers them.

As bitcoin gambling becomes ever more popular, players can expect to see bigger bonuses, better software, and safer security. Which are just a few reasons that people are coming from all over the world to play exciting bitcoin games at their favorite bitcoin casino. Still new to the whole bitcoin thing? Not to worry, Casino Genie has you covered, as they offer some of the most comprehensive reviews on the hottest Bitcoin Casinos available.

Types of Bitcoin Casinos

There are essentially three types of bitcoin casinos, each with a slightly different payment, withdrawal, and software interface systems. For many bitcoin enthusiasts, no one type of bitcoin casino can be marked as best- so you’ll just have to give them all a try and see which one fits your style.

Bitcoin Casino

A bitcoin casino is purpose built to run on bitcoin alone. At these online establishments’ players can only deposit and withdrawal bitcoin. Occasionally these sites may offer other types of cryptocurrencies to play with, but you won’t find any fiat here. Oftentimes, these sites use specific software that is developed by the same people that make other bitcoin driven software. Making them the ideal platforms for any super savvy bitcoin aficionado.

Hybrid Casino

Hybrid casinos are essentially traditional online casinos that accept bitcoin as a form of payment. Because they are not structured for bitcoin alone, it can sometimes take a little longer to deposit or withdraw your bitcoin here, than it might take on a bitcoin only site. However, these sites suit new bitcoin owners and long-time online gamblers to a T, with easily recognizable games and platforms they’re already comfortable with.

Bitcoin-Fiat Casino

Bitcoin-fiat casinos are exactly as they sound- they are online gambling platforms where players can deposit bitcoin, and withdraw fiat. Or vice-versa. These platforms are often ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to hassle with a normal bitcoin exchange and prefers to collect their winnings in fiat. Buyer beware, choose a bitcoin-fiat site carefully as the exchange rates on bitcoin to fiat can vary widely and often change quickly. You’ll want to make sure that whatever bitcoin-fiat site you choose is reputable and has a transparent exchange process.

Types of Bitcoin Casino Games

While there are a ton of different bitcoin casino games, these four definitely take the top spots for most players. By and large, most bitcoin casino games are similar, or exactly the same, as the games you would expect to find in any other online gambling forum. The only difference being that they accept bitcoin. Something to consider and keep in mind however, is that most purpose-built bitcoin casinos will publicly display the algorithms that their games use to payout. This is so players can confirm that there is no funny business going on behind the scenes and what they’re being payed, is indeed what they are owed.

Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin dice is one of the few bitcoin gambling games that is unique to bitcoin. It’s also considered one of the purest forms of online gambling as not only are the algorithms behind it made available for the public, but the odds of winning are solely relegated to the land of the dice- probability that is easily calculated and created. Another perceived bonus of many bitcoin dice games is that you don’t have to affiliate with a site specifically, or run client software. Many bitcoin dice games have near instant transactions, so once a win is secured, payment is received immediately.

Bitcoin Card Games

Bitcoin blackjack and bitcoin poker work identically to any other form of blackjack or poker- same rules, same odds. However, with the growing popularity of bitcoin casinos- and those sites wanting to entice customers and retain their loyalty, many bitcoin blackjack games come with low minimum bets and really nice rewards programs. To get an idea of what promotions each bitcoin casino is running at a given time, check out Casino Genie or another bitcoin casino review site. Many of these sites offer a number of your favorite betting card games as well, so check your review site to see just which games each casino offers.

Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin slots are again shockingly similar to their fiat cousins, in fact, many of them offer the same big-name slots that you’ll quickly recognize. Other bitcoin casino platforms offer new and exciting interfaces, but nearly all of them have some pretty incredible free spin promotions. Some even waive an initial deposit! Allowing you to test the waters without opening your digital wallet.


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