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Fedi Hosting First Ever Pop-Up Federation At BTC Prague


BTC Prague and Fedi are teaming up to launch the first-ever “Pop-Up Federation” on the OS, providing attendees of the BTC Prague conference with a unique opportunity to test Fedi Alpha, the builder-focused early release of the federated operating system. 

The Prague Pop-Up Federation will offer exclusive features to invitees, including the ability to broadcast messages on chat, use sats (satoshis) and access Sites sessions with event information. The event, only available during the conference, aims to turn it into a proving ground for Fedi Alpha, with attendees serving as test pilots.

Fedi co-founder and CEO, Obi Nwosu, expressed the importance of involving the Bitcoin community in shaping Fedi: “We’re building Fedi with you … It’s about turning BTC Prague into a proving ground, and all of the attendees into the test pilots of Fedi Alpha.”

Participants can download a limited version of Fedi Alpha to join the Prague Pop-Up Federation, enabling them to receive live updates from the conference, engage in secure chats and send/receive sats to fellow attendees. The project showcases Fedi’s vision of a federated operating system that empowers individuals and communities to regain control over their money and data.

BTC Prague Organizer, Martin Kuchar, highlighted the project’s ambition and expressed support for its success, stating, “The project is as ambitious as it is exciting, and we are rooting hard for its success.”

Fedi encourages participants to approach the event as a test and provide feedback to help improve the platform. The pop-up serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit of the Bitcoin community and its commitment to building a decentralized future.

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