BLU Mission Forms Strategic Partnership with Unidef to Foster Decentralization


PRESS RELEASE. Dubai, UAE — July 10, 2023 – Today, BLU Mission, an organization committed to the growth and integrity of the broader crypto ecosystem, is excited to announce its partnership with Unidef ( The collaboration aims to expedite the transition towards a decentralized future. Together, we engage with policy-makers, launch advocacy initiatives, and establish partnerships to ensure that the benefits of decentralization are accessible to all.

Our primary objective in forming this partnership is to stimulate the expansion of BLU Mission by aligning it more effectively with the goal of endorsing decentralized technologies, assets, and initiatives. These efforts empower individuals, communities, and the world at large to create their own destiny.

The partnership offers the community access to Unidef’s exhaustive resources and world-class expertise, thus empowering the project and community with the necessary international resources for effectively managing administrative, regulatory, and marketing needs.

Supporting decentralized communities is critical to drive the shift towards a decentralized future. Unidef’s backing for BLU Mission contributes to the growth of a decentralized ecosystem, where communities with shared visions unite to build a better tomorrow.

Through this partnership, BLU Mission, a community-driven organization committed to the growth and stability of the crypto ecosystem, will further bolster the community’s progress in discovering diverse opportunities and forging networks that will pave the way for a decentralized future.

BLU Mission envisions a future where cryptocurrency is universally embraced and effortlessly incorporated into everyday life. It is an advocacy organization dedicated to promoting the advantages and applications of decentralized currencies and supporting their worldwide acceptance.

Unidef is taking the lead on various initiatives to support BLU Mission and endorse actions that align with its mission through advocacy and impact partnerships. It provides financial backing to a diverse range of entities and individuals who are committed to upholding the principles of a decentralized future. The intent of these actions is to align with the objective of empowering everyone to have full control over their finances, identity, and data.

BLU Mission will continue to advocate for policy changes and provide research and education to nurture a decentralized community’s growth. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership, as we work together to shape the future of decentralization and $BLU adoption.

About BLU Mission
BLU Mission was founded by a team of crypto and tech veterans with a rich history. The primary objective of BLU Mission is pushing for change, finding opportunities, and building networks that will shape decentralization.

For more information and updates, visit and follow @BLUMission on Twitter and Telegram.

About Unidef

Unidef ( is a global network of organizations working to accelerate the world’s transition to a decentralized future. It invests in and supports communities and builders of next-generation technologies, incubates creative ideas in the Web3 space, and provides institutional support and organizational backing.

For more information and updates, visit and follow @UnidefGlobal on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Threads, Facebook and YouTube.


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