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How much personal information do you keep on your mobile phone? How many times a day do you make calls or chat with your contacts? How many times a day do you surf the internet from your mobile device? Now, one more question, how protected is your phone against cyber threats?

We often forget that the vast majority of our personal information is contained on a single mobile device that is unprotected against cyber criminals and companies looking to steal our data. This is where it is necessary to be more aware of protecting our information and devices, and without a doubt, the easiest and most practical way to do it is with an International Encrypted Sim Card like one of

What is the International Encrypted Sim Card of Encriptados?

An International Encrypted Sim Card is an ultra-secure chip that works worldwide, providing coverage, privacy, anonymity, connectivity and economy. By being encrypted, all information and communications will be protected so that the user cannot be hacked, intervened or even located, providing the device with an additional layer of digital security

How does an Encriptados International Encrypted Sim Card work?

The international Encrypted Sim Card will protect the entire device and give communications an extra layer of privacy and anonymity. The user will be able to make international calls and stay connected in more than 200 countries around the world. These types of Sim Cards do not issue an IMSI code, which makes them impossible to track and, in turn, makes it impossible to locate the user. Additionally, all calls will be protected so that they cannot be intervened.

On the other hand, an international Encrypted Sim Card will facilitate travel and way of communicating from abroad, since it will not be necessary to resort to other types of sim cards or dangerous public Wi-Fi networks, being the user is the only one who controls their resources. Rest assured that you do not have court dates or contracts that compromise your privacy.

An international Encrypted Sim Card will turn the user into a ghost on the network, making it impossible to hack, intervene or locate it. 

How will Encriptados International Encrypted Sim Card help people? is an international company specialising in secure communications and cybersecurity, within its product catalogue, it has encrypted cell phones, encrypted apps and one of the best Encrypted Sim Cards on the market.

The Encriptados Sim Card works in more than 200 countries, providing security and connectivity, and being compatible with any type of devices such as IOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry. It can be purchased and recharged in a simple way with any means of payment, including cryptocurrencies and enjoy international encrypted communications at a low cost.

Get to know the Encriptados International Sim Card and start protecting the most valuable thing you have your information and privacy.

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